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About Keep On Rolling:

Play as a robotic cat sphere by rolling through a futuristic city ruled by menacing cyber dogs. Use your swift movement to find collectibles and avoid dangers on your way to the finish line. The faster you are, the higher the score you will obtain.

So will you keep on rolling?

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We are a team consisting of students from the "Games Academy Berlin" and freelancers. We developed this game in the span of 7,5 weeks.

2nd Semester:

Matt L-V | LinkedIn (Production)

Lisa Bretillon (Programming)

Nikolas Kerner | LinkedIn | Itch.io (Product Owner, Game Design, Programming)

Duc Hoang | LinkedInItch.io (3D Environment, Props)

4th Semester:

Kim-Celine KörnerLinkedIn | Itch.io ( Art-Lead, VFX, Lighting)

Seval Türk LinkedIn | ArtStation (3D Environment, Props, 2D City Banner)

Jasmin Mayerhofer LinkedIn | Itch.io | ArtStation (2D Concepts, Branding, GUI, Illustrations)


Celina Eichler | LinkedIn | Itch.io (3D Art, Tech Art)

Eric HelsingerLinkedIn | Itch.io | ArtStation (3D Environment, Props)

Dennis Buchholz | LinkedIn (VFX)

Clemens SpitzerLinkedIn | Itch.io (Game Design, Programming)

Héctor Jotta (Sound Design) 

Special Thanks:

Malte Große (Project Controller)

Oliver Schümann (Project Consultant)

Sebastian Gsänger (Project Consultant)

Jul Ralf | LinkedIn (Video Editor)

Lennard Backsen | Itch.io  (Game Design)

Maeteu | Itch.io (Sound Design)

Filip Andrzejewski | Itch.io  (Level Prototype)

Erick Fernandez (Level Prototype)



Keep on Rolling.zip 96 MB

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